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Funny game, loved it

LOVED IT! Great concept

When I enter my nickname the game freeze

oh, sorry..  the network status may be bad.

Fixed in v1.1.1


Albeit a little frustrating at times, I had plenty of fun with this game. I could only make it to level 6 before rage quitting but I already feel like diving back in to try and finish it. The controls are weird and turning the camera around is hard, as well as the difficulty in actually lining up your character to strike with a katana, but it was still an enjoyable experience!

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Pretty fun game, can feel a bit clunky but I think that's part of it's charm. I will say, it would be nice to have some way of escaping the police, as it is you are pretty much powerless as soon as they spot you, since they arrest you from a distance. 


Thanks for this great and fun game!

Although, I played it on android and I found a little bit hard to control the character.

I will give a try to the other platforms as well.


This was a pretty fun and silly game! I made it as part of a two-part spotlight episode! It's a pretty solid and humorous game. I recommend you (the reader) check it out!

Made a video


Thank you for playing and making the video (*´∀’)b


Hey ! I've had a great amount of fun while playing your game, the fact that you can get caught by the police is a nice touch, and the gameplay is pretty smooth too, keep it up! 

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You really are just becoming spam. 

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Coal, I am testing the games and giving my feedback.  At the same time I'm giving the devs an opportunity to get more visibility by participating in our competition. I don't see where is the problem. 


The problem is that you're spamming links to your crappy website. The self-proclaimed "Game Dev World Championships" that nobody has ever heard of.  You're welcome to give feedback but please stop spamming. I'm surprised you've not been banned already.

Thank you for playing !!

My pleasure!